Ben Simons


5:00 mile, 500 lb. Deadlift, 255 lb. Snatch, Murph: 36:34, Fran: 2:14


GCU 20' Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science w/ Emphasis in Sports Performance.

CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach.

About Coach

I was raised in an athletic household growing. My Dad and Mom were both collegiate athletes. My two brothers are both currently playing College Basketball. I was really fortunate to have this upbringing, as it inspired me to chase being a professional athlete at some capacity. I was a 4 year, 3 sport athlete at Wahoo Bishop Neumann. During that span, was blessed to be around an incredible group of guys. In four years, we were able to win two basketball NSAA State Championships, and two track NSAA State Championships. After high school, I received a scholarship to continue my basketball career at Morningside College. I played in a few games throughout the season, and fell into a mental slump. Along with that mental slump, injuries presented and I questioned whether basketball was worth my future investment. I quit after a year and a half. Upon quitting, I knew I was not ready to give up competing as an athlete. I stumbled upon the CrossFit documentary on Netflix one night, and have been in full pursuit ever since. Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, I was trying to qualify for my first CrossFit Sanctioned Event. Not sure what the future holds, but extremely excited to be coaching at Nerve Health and Fitness.

Turning Point

As I mentioned above, my freshman year playing College Basketball was the turning point in my life. I was frustrated with how things were going there and how the coach was rewarding hard work and effort. I created ample excuses in my head, and it sucked all the positivity out of me. I have always been passionate about Nutrition and how to fuel athletics. During that year, I lost confidence in who I was as an athlete and sort of gave up on this pursuit of competition. Towards the end of that year, I lost motivation and left athletics for a while. I gained some weight and was really unhappy with my relationship with food. I knew after this, God was calling me to bigger things. I stumbled upon CrossFit and fell in love. I knew I found what I was searching for.

Motivation & Passion

I have always been passionate about helping individuals find their most perfect self physically, mentally, nutritionally, etc. I have coached basketball teams and camps for multiple years helping athletes be leaders on the court, but also off the court. I'm extremely passionate about fueling the body naturally. Also, nothing gets me more excited then talking about the process it takes to get there. I'm impassioned to serve anyone who wants to max-out their utmost potential. My purpose for coaching is to guide individuals in finding that, by focusing on the present moment every day. I want to chip away at this pursuit with everyone one day at a time. My motivation is God, and doing all that I can to serve him.

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